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Our Cabinets Collection and Materials At Orange Cabinets

At Orange Cabinets, our utmost commitment lies in delivering home renovation projects of the highest caliber, which begins with using top-tier materials. To ensure unparalleled quality, we have established partnerships with esteemed fabricators and countertop suppliers, including MSI, renowned for their excellence in the industry.

Our European collection, renowned for its frameless European-style cabinets, showcases our dedication to utilizing the finest materials available. Crafted with aluminum drawers, soft-close hinges, and thermofoil-wrapped MDF doors, these cabinets boast durability and elegance. The cabinet-grade plywood box construction, accentuated by a white interior and silver trim, imparts a sleek and sophisticated finish. For those who appreciate a more traditional aesthetic, we offer a white solid wood shaker option.

Our Solid Wood collection, on the other hand, is crafted from 100% solid wood, featuring a natural maple door and center panel. With cabinet-grade plywood box construction, dovetail joints, soft-closing mechanisms, and full-extension drawers, this collection embodies the perfect blend of longevity and functionality.

Through our partnership with MSI, we can provide our clients with an extensive selection of affordable, high-quality countertop options. This collaboration aligns with MSI’s vision of creating an inclusive world where everyone can afford to create a beautiful living, working, and recreational space.

At Orange Cabinets, we firmly believe that the foundation of any successful home renovation project lies in the quality of the materials employed. Hence, we exclusively utilize the finest materials and collaborate with esteemed suppliers in the industry to offer our clients products that exemplify both beauty and durability. Schedule an appointment with us today, and let us assist you in creating the home of your dreams, complete with our premium cabinetry and countertops.


Our goal at Orange Cabinets is to offer our clients the finest materials for their home renovation projects. We exclusively collaborate with reputable fabricators and countertop suppliers, including MSI, to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality products available. With our trusted partners such as Cesar stone, Cambria, Dekton, and Silestone, we provide a wide selection of durable and visually stunning options to cater to different preferences.

Our collections, namely European and Solid Wood, embody our commitment to excellence. They showcase frameless European-style cabinets, soft-close hinges, and cabinet-grade plywood construction, resulting in a sleek and sophisticated finish. By working alongside esteemed partners like MSI, we strive to make beautiful home spaces accessible to all.


At Orange Cabinets, our aim is to offer our clients exceptional materials and cutting-edge design services for their home renovation projects. We prioritize the use of high-quality, in-stock direct imports that come with a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing superior products at a reasonable cost. Our cabinets are equipped with a soft-close mechanism and are suitable for both kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Our Philosophy

At Orange Cabinets, our priority is our customers. We recognize that every individual has distinct requirements, and we are here to assist regardless of their timeframe or budget. Our commitment to excellence extends to our collaboration with E.v granite, where skilled artisans meticulously cut and fabricate stone with an unwavering dedication to perfection. By partnering with top-tier fabricators and countertop suppliers such as MSI, Silestone, Cambria, and Cesar stone, we are devoted to delivering the finest quality products and exceptional customer service.

At Orange Cabinets

We are genuinely committed to providing assistance! Whether you have limited time or a restricted budget, we are dedicated to finding solutions that accommodate your requirements and ensure your needs are met.

Fabrication and Countertops:




Cesar stone

Orange cabinets teams up with E.v granite. True artists at cutting and fabricating stone. Their team leader is a marble sculpture artist that understands stone.

Fabrication and Countertops

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European Cabinets

Our European Cabinets showcase a modern and seamless design, characterized by aluminum drawers, soft-close hinges, and thermofoil-wrapped MDF doors. Crafted with superior cabinet-grade plywood and accentuated by a white interior and silver trim, these cabinets are delivered fully assembled, complete with doors and accessories. If you prefer a classic touch, we also offer a white solid wood shaker option.

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Solid Wood Cbinets

Our solid wood cabinets are meticulously created using 100% natural maple wood, ensuring longevity and durability. The cabinet-grade plywood box construction, featuring dovetail joints, guarantees a sturdy and reliable structure. With the inclusion of a soft-closing mechanism and full extension drawers, our cabinets deliver a seamless and effortless user experience.