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About Orange Cabinets

At Orange Cabinets, we are fully dedicated to providing unmatched excellence and expert craftsmanship in every aspect of our cabinetry solutions. Our foremost goal is to establish enduring relationships with our esteemed customers by delivering outstanding value, unparalleled customer service, and meticulous attention to detail. All of this is accomplished while ensuring our pricing remains affordable, distinguishing us from contractors and big box companies known for their lack of customer service.

At Orange Cabinets, we take great pride in offering a wide range of kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are readily accessible in our inventory. Furthermore, our team of skilled craftsmen meticulously creates custom cabinets that can be completed within a timeframe of only 2-3 weeks. We understand the significance of timeliness and prioritize the swift delivery of our cabinets within just 2-3 days upon placing an order. Once the cabinets are delivered, our installation process promptly begins, ensuring efficient progress.

At Orange Cabinets, our mission is straightforward and focused: to make the process of purchasing cabinets hassle-free by providing exceptional value, meticulous attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship, all while delivering unwavering customer support. We are dedicated to accommodating various budget ranges, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident throughout your kitchen or bathroom cabinet remodel.

At Orange Cabinets, we prioritize building strong relationships with our esteemed customers and our dedicated team members. We invest the time to fully understand your aspirations and individual requirements for each project. Whether your emphasis is on design, functionality, or a seamless combination of both, our aim is to offer exceptional guidance in designing and constructing the perfect project that caters to your specific needs.

At Orange Cabinets, our team consists of experienced and highly talented installers who take great pride in their craft. They are dedicated to exceeding expectations by completing projects in a timely manner and ensuring your utmost satisfaction. We place a strong emphasis on transparent and timely communication, ensuring that we are readily accessible to address any questions or concerns you may have during the entire process.

You are welcome to visit our showroom at your convenience, without requiring an appointment. Experience firsthand the remarkable quality and craftsmanship of our products. Let us have the privilege of helping you transform your home into an extraordinary space with our exceptional kitchen and bathroom cabinetry solutions.

About Orange Cabinets

Welcome to Orange Cabinets, where we are dedicated to providing uncompromising quality and craftsmanship in all of our cabinetry solutions. Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with the people we serve, by delivering value, superior customer service and attention to detail without outrageous prices from contractors or lack of customer service from big box companies.

We offer a wide range of kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are mainly in stock, and our custom cabinets take only 2-3 weeks to complete. At Orange Cabinets, we understand that time is of the essence, and that is why we ensure that our cabinets are delivered promptly within 2-3 days of ordering, and installation begins immediately upon delivery.

Our mission is to make the cabinet buying process a clear and straightforward one, by providing great value without compromising on attention to detail, craftsmanship and customer support. We work with any budget to put you at ease and comfort through your kitchen or bath cabinet remodel.

At Orange Cabinets, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our customers and workers alike. We take the time to understand your goals and specific needs for each project. Whether you are more design-based, function-based, or a mixture of the two, we are here to help design and build the perfect project for you.

Our experienced and highly skilled installers take great pride in their work and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that your project is completed on time and to your satisfaction. We believe in close and prompt communication, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Come visit our showroom at any time, no appointment necessary, and see our quality craftsmanship for yourself. Let us help you transform your home with our premium kitchen and bathroom cabinetry solutions.